Customer Survey - POS

What is the official name of your company? *

What is the advertised name of your business? *

How many employees do you have? *

Which of the following best describes your use case(s)? *

How many products are available for sale in your business? *

What forms of payment do you accept? *

Do you have a credit card processor already? *

What software do you currently use for accounting?

What accounting system do you use?

Do you already have a chart of accounts defined? *

What is your current sales tax rate on general products?

What is your sales tax rate on liquor/wine/beer?

How many all-in-one units will you need?

How many ordering units (tablets) will you need?

How many separate order printers will you need? (ie Drink/Food orders)

Do you want any ticket/system monitors? (For realtime kanban/graph display)

Will you be providing any of your own hardware? *

If yes, please describe including manufacturer (ie. Epson Thermal Printer TM-T88V)