Warehouse Management

Improve warehouse management with the help of Apptuate

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Warehouse Management with Apptuate

Management System Made Easy

With our double entry inventory system decrease process times, automate transactions, reduce stock levels, and get complete traceability on all operations. 

Decrease Processing Time

Apptuate prepares all operations for you based on your own logistic rules, such as  push rules, pull rules, minimum stock rules, etc.

Reduce processing time by optimizing the planning and jobs with the scheduler.

Nothing to lose

This inventory management software isn’t about consumption, loss, or missing products. They are simply moved from one location to another. With full traceability and advanced reporting, nothing is lost thanks to this simple user interface.

Automate Transactions

Determine all internal moves with your own routing rules automatically. Define separate rules to organize a warehouse (push and pull rules) or manage product moves between multiple warehouses.

Full Traceability

Track all past and future transactions. Track in detail all stock moves, not just in your inventory but in other stores also. Gain a specific idea as to what happened to a product or shipment through upstream or downstream traceability.

Stock What You Need

Stock only what you need by setting up stock rules that order and stock your inventory with the right quantities to match what you are selling. Let Odoo’s Warehouse Management Software do the work for you so you can relax and take care of your customers.

Track Serial Numbers 

Get full upstream or downstream traceability whether you’re tracking  batches of identical products or pallets, boxes, etc.Odoo  helps you stay on track by assigning serial numbers at every step of your delivery flow and track the product later by serial number.