Our vision is to change the game of the IT industry.

Open Source software provides good IT solutions with great freedom of choice and flexibility for clients. Open Source software is also a good financial choice for clients.

Our business concept involves offering services that accelerate and help the dissemination of Open Source software in order to minimise private and public enterprises' IT costs and increase their flexibility, control and security.

We deliver solutions and services that ensure clients achieve the best return on investment.

The benefits of Open Source software include:

  • Better products
  • Better services 
  • Lower costs
  • Greater flexibility
  • Greater freedom of choice       

Our solutions, services and competence help our clients take advantage of these benefits.    

We always do our utmost to address our customers' needs and expectations.

Using products based on Open Source software reduces your dependence on specific providers – you can change product and service providers whenever it suits you. This ensures that we continuously has to deliver the highest quality products and services, and satisfy its clients' needs and expectations.

This is not just a vision – the very nature of the technology means that we can be replaced if our clients' high expectations are not met. Given that our clients have access to the source code, they can easily switch providers if their expectations are not met.

Our staff has to possess cutting edge competence to make this possible. This is why we give all of our employees room to achieve their optimum level of competence within their field.

This is why we always strive to do our best.