Make the hiring processes easy with Apptuate

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Optimize Your Hiring Process

With Odoo’s Recruitment module, there is no need to outsource when you’re ready to hire. Organize your job board, keep track of application submissions and promote job announcement with ease. Track each applicant and compile a database of profiles and skills with recorded documents. Fill open positions fast with the best applicants. 

Recruiting Your Way

Whether your business is small, big or in-between, Odoo’s recruitment software provides solutions by letting you set up your own hiring system. Customize your recruitment process with the smart Kanban view, by organizing steps according to your company’s procedures: pre-qualification, first interview, second interview, etc.

You can simply change your strategy and recruitment plan based on reports generated on external job boards, which allows you to easily compare investment performance. 

Post Jobs on Top Sites

Odoo’s Recruitment app lets you connect automatically to the top job board websites: LinkedIn, Monster, Craigslist, etc. A new email address is assigned for every job position as to route applications to the right job position. It doesn’t matter if applicants contact you by using an online form or emailing you directly, all data (resumes, cover letters) is indexed automatically. You can reply in just one click, reusing templates of answers.

Recruiting Made Easy

Odoo makes recruiting a cinch! Our smart Kanban view lets you follow applicants throughout the recruitment process, the personalized process that you create. Resumes and cover letters are indexed automatically, creating a database of applicant profiles, searchable by specific skill sets. You’ll also save time by re-using email templates for efficient communication. 

Personalized Interview Surveys

Interviews are about asking all the right questions. With Odoo, you can customize your interview process with our survey designer, by tailoring questions to your company’s qualifications. You can give applicants the option to complete the survey online, in person or use it as part of your face to face interview.