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Integrate a Quote Builder with Apptuate.

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Quote Builder with Apptuate

Create Quotes Effortlessly

Create polished professional quotes in no time. Send quotes online and even allow your customers to sign accepted quotes online to expedite the sale. You can also boost your sales by cross-selling and offering discounts. 

Sign Online

This service allows for customers to receive and sign quotes electronically. Up-sell to offer options similar to their interests and boost your sales revenue.

With the convenience of signing online, there is no need to fax or scan quotes in emails.  Your customers save time, get their orders sooner and you boost your company’s revenue in a fraction of the time!

Communication is Key

With our messaging service you can communicate with customers more efficiently to meet their needs. The Messaging software allows you to directly message customers for immediate answers to their questions as well as order procurements.

Everything you need to communicate more effectively with customers is all in one place with an easy-to-use clean interface. Send offers with precise pricing. Upon retrieval they will accept it or deny it. The customer also has the option to ask for more information before making a final decision.

You’ll appreciate the “options” feature which offers your customer similar products to what your customer originally inquired about, giving you the opportunity to utilize the “power of suggestion” to boost your sales!