Project Management

Manage Projects more efficiently with the help of Apptuate.

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Project Management with Apptuate

Manage Tasks Effectively

With our real- time project management complete the job quicker than before. 

Keep track of everything with minimal effort. All information will be automatically recorded, from the big picture to the smallest of details. 

Created To Fit Your Business

With Odoo, you have the ability to schedule tasks in the Gantt charts, work on those tasks and issues using the Kanban view and control the deadlines of tasks using the calendar view. Odoo’s open source software offers an abundance of tools that you can effortlessly adapt to your companys own project management system. 

Your team has the ability to work in a professional yet simple way by creating specific stages for individual projects. 

Easy To Use

Productivity will be soaring through the roof with the simplicity of this easy to use interface. Our system takes no time to learn and all actions are instantaneous and visible to all operators on the system.

Interact with customers easier than before with our unique email system. Incoming emails are integrated instantly, absorbing useful information to create new tasks and trouble shoot issues. 

Stay Connected

Use our messaging system to communicate with your employees and customers. Share files and documents and check on tasks and issues. Email integration allows you to integrate your discussions quickly.

Resolve project issues fast with the help of the live chat feature. Communicate in real time with other users or customers to keep your project running smoothly.

Etherpad Technology

Simultaneously edit text documents, see all participants edits in real-time with each users input displayed in a different color to help keep track of conversations. With the Etherpad feature, you have a very efficient tool that can be used to summarize meetings as well as log meeting minutes and  extensive project requirements.

 Odoo helps you keep everyone on the same page.

Increase Productivity

Set notifications on projects that you want to follow, to help keep you up to date with the progress. Select a certain project to set a completion date and assign it to an employee.

Color coating informs you which task needs your attention and which has been completed.

Integrated Timesheets, Contracts
and Invoices

Customer contacts are automatically integrated with projects so that you can prepare invoices based on time and material. Timesheets are also effortlessly tracked. 

Issue Management

Single out issues more effectively so you can focus on resolving them. Integrate customer interaction on issues so you can accurately monitor the performance of your team.