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Improve Point of Sales with Apptuate by your side.

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Point of Sale with Apptuate

User Friendly

Our smart interface allows even the most inexperienced to flawlessly navigate and control the interface. This can be used online or offline with any type of hardware.

Our software is integrated with other apps and services for optimal performance.

Run real time statistics and information without the integration of multiple applications.

Never Miss a Sale

Set up on any devise that displays websites is easy with just an internet connection, and once established, our POS allows for full control with or without internet connection. Point of sale stays online even if you aren't.  

The flexibility of our service allows for complete customization. With no installation, required software or specific hardware, our POS works seamlessly with desktop PC’s, iPads and other tablet computers, laptops and POS terminals.

No need to buy special equipment, this Point of Sale works perfectly on any touch enable device, including multi-touch tablets or keyboardless resistive touchscreen POS terminals. Barcode scanners and printers are supported with not additional setup required.

You’re always ready to make a sale!

Highly Productive Interface

Modern, clean and simple……Everything is right where you need it and with the ability to serve multiple customers at a time, you’ll increase productivity. With lightning fast search, you can find customer information, products and product information and everything you need to complete the sale

Manage Inventory More Efficiently

Consolidate all of your sales channels effortlessly and receive accurate forecasts to manage your inventory.

Our apps all work together to help you work smarter- not harder, by automatically adding or subtracting to/from your inventory.

Gain full control over your inventory because you will know what items you have in stock and when a new order needs to be placed- all in real time.

Premium Customer Service

Bring your sales to the next level by giving shoppers outstanding customer service. Odoo Point of Sales provides features that do just  that by allowing you to handle refunds, track warranties, follow customer claim, plan order deliveries and much more- all in one single interface.

Give customers a better experience by showing that you follow them and keep track of their needs.

Invoices are automatically sent to the accounting module and recorded for easy and accurate book keeping, all in real time.  The software also automatically keeps track of sales and shares the information with other services provided by Apptuate.


Synchronization Makes All the Difference

With the ability to sync inventory, pricing and customers with no effort, your sales will multiply. You have the ability to adjust pricing, add new products and apply promotions automatically – across all stores or only selected stores. You decide, depending on your needs.

From Small stores to large multinational corporations, When Odoo is your backend, you have a system that is working for you.