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Organized for Success

Organization is key to success. With Odoo’s Notes app, you will increase productivity by giving your team the tools they need to prioritize their work, share ideas and collaborate on projects. 

Work Efficiently

Odoo makes staying organized, on time, and efficient easy with the Notes app. Whether your task is due in the short term or long term, the Kanban view gives you an easy to follow visual of your to-do list. Stay on point with long term tasks while tackling last minute add-ons. Notes helps you allocate time to everything on your list. Improve your project management skills with the ability to add on tasks when they need to be and cross off those that are completed. 

Using the smart Kanban view in Odoo’s Notes app lets each user visually customize their to-do lists and notes. Each step can be tailored to how each employee works, whether they are a creative- organizing based on an ideas place in the work process, frequent travelers – organizing tasks based on the location of each task in conjunction with their travels, or in management- organizing multiple tasks based on prioritization. 

Share Personal Notes for Collaboration

Great ideas take time to mature and with Odoo’s Notes app, you can write down your ideas in pads and keep them at your fingertips. Add information, attach documents and use tags and color code information to keep it organized. Once your ideas are ready, share them with co-workers, begin a discussion and collaborate with teammates by working off your notes directly in the pad.   

Keep Detailed Meeting Minutes

With Notes, attendees of meetings are able to contribute to the minutes by discussing the ideas on the related thread or attaching important documents. And with its clean, user friendly structure, each user is assigned their own script color so you can keep track of who is contributing. Notes is a great tool to keep everyone involved and on the same page.