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Manufacturing with Apptuate

Manufacturing Made Easy

Effortlessly manage your manufacturing and/or assembly operations with Odoo’s full featured MRP module.

Manufacturing Resource Planning allows you to manage bill of materials needed, plan manufacturing orders and track orders automatically and in one location.

With the use of Kanban and Gantt views, you’ll have the ability to review and track planning. Our advanced analytic features help to detect bottlenecks in resources capacities and inventory locations, to prevent issues down the road. 

Efficient Manufacturing

Manufacturing and work orders are automatically scheduled based on procurement rules. Forecast quantities for a more in-depth perspective of your inventory.

Link manufacturing processes with business operations to enable collaborative manufacturing and get the visibility you need to run your business in real time.

Complete Flexibility

Create multi-level bills of materials, version changes, optional routing, and phantom bills of materials. 

Manually edit all aspects of the process whenever you see room for improvement. You can also design custom templates that work how you work.

Schedule Work Orders

When you can check your resource capacities and identify resource requirements and bottlenecks with the click of the mouse, you ensure your production stays on time to meet your delivery schedule dates.

With Odoo, You have the ability to define routings and plan the working time and capacity of your resources ahead of time so you don’t have to wait for a problem to arise to make adjustments. 

Efficient Interface

This interface allows you to organize manufacturing orders the way you like. Process upcoming orders (list view), control them (calendar) and edit the proposed schedule (Gantt view).


Gantt Charts


Product Analytics

Receive direct real-time analytics in regards to inventory and manufacturing. Track the changes in stock value in correlation to manufacturing activities as it progresses through the transformation process.