Lead Automation 

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Lead Automation

With dynamic campaigns that are fully customizable and adaptable, you can following your marketing strategy in a way that fits to the needs of your company. 

Drive Marketing Performance 

Odoo gives you the power to optimize marketing performance and campaigns from lead to close. With the ability to define segments and lead your campaign activities by designated locations, you get analyzed results that rate the performance of those campaigns, helping you make informed decisions about what works. 

Marketing Through Email

With Odoo’s email marketing campaign, you have the flexibility to design marketing campaigns like workflows. Email Templates to send, reports to print and send by email and custom actions are just a few campaign templates that are customizable and easy to use. With the option to run campaigns in simulation mode to test it, real-time or  accelerated you can fine-tune it until you find what works best for your company. Whether you utilize automatic mode or set it up to manually validate each action, you have the control at your fingertips. 

Statistics for Marketing Management

With Odoo’s Lead Automation module, You will have a complete overview of your marketing activities. Once you launch your campaign live, you can instantly track the statistics while the campaign does all the work for you, automatically.