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Let Apptuate help you challenge and motivate your employees.

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Motivate with Gamification

Tap into your sales teams natural desire for competition by utilizing Odoos’ Gamification app to challenge employees to reach set goals that you determine using the apps tools. Assign goals through challenges to evaluate and compare team members with each other and through time. Depending on your companys’ needs, you can create templates from various examples and use any form that fits the type of challenge you wish to implement. Set challenges based on number of new leads, time to qualify a lead or the total amount invoiced in a specific time period. Odoo gives you options for simple and effective ways to motivate and evaluate your team members’ performances. 

Odoo’s software gives you the option to create various challenges and set goals and targets to motivate your employees. Use the built in dashboards to see the status of each challenge and the progress of the individual employees. Easy to use and valuable to attaining your goals.

Competition That Delivers Results

Sometimes a little motivation will give big results. Our gamification feature allows you to motivate your employees in a creative way that will boost performance. Setting goals give your team something to strive for, and a little friendly competition never hurt anyone…

Reward A Job Well Done

Odoo’s Gamification app is a great way to showcase the hard work of your team. Employees can be evaluated and rewarded for attaining set goals and targets. From a simple “Thank you” to noteworthy achievement, you can grant various badges as a way to give thanks and announce accolades to the employees and their team.