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Fleet Tracking Made Easy

Odoo’s Fleet management app is the perfect solution to your companys’ fleet management needs. From purchase/lease to maintenance upkeep, Our user-friendly administrative system makes it easy to track which employee is assigned to each vehicle, fuel log entries, regular maintenance and other details.

Contract Renewal Reminders

With Odoo, you can effortlessly keep an eye on your fleet, and you don’t need a custom tracking system. Multiple visual reminders are set up to remind you to renew contracts prior to their expiration date. 

Track Your Fleet

Tracking your company vehicles is easy with Odoo. Assign a vehicle to an employee and upon delivery, assess the vehicle condition and log any pertinent information. Between assignments, register the vehicle status and odometer values to monitor the lifecycle of your fleet. Log key milestones, maintenance, etc. Easily add vehicles to your fleet and track lifecycles to predict maintenance or replacement.

Fleet Service Scheduling

Odoo’s Fleet management app allows you to manage your fleets’ maintenance schedule according to ongoing data collection. Organize services for each vehicle as well as communicate with the qualified service providers. Manage notes, invoices, insurance policies, etc. 

Fleet Investments

Find out which vehicles are cost effective for your company by making comparison/analysis between different types of costs: which vehicle has a higher price tag, which vehicles require the most maintenance etc. The reporting tool in Odoos’ Fleet management app does that and more, by giving you valuable information that will be helpful in making decisions regarding your fleet investments.

Manage Fleet Costs

Automatically trace the money spent for each of your fleet vehicles, including leasing contract costs, maintenance, etc.  Recurring costs are automatically registered at the beginning of each cycle, based on the frequency dictated by the contracts.