Easily Manage your daily expenses with Apptuate.

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Online Expense Tracking 

Odoo’s daily expense tracking software offers an easy yet efficient process of managing employees’ expenses. With our software you have implementation options such as:

Creation of accounting entries, drafting the expense by the employee, validation by the manager and accountant, and confirmation of the expense sheet by the employee. 

Daily Expense Monitoring

Whether your employee has travel expenses or any other costs, Odoo allows you to manage their daily expenses with no need to download any specialized software. Do it all from this app, including access to your employees’ fee notes, giving you the ability to validate or refuse reimbursement. And once you have validated the request, an invoice is automatically created for the employee. 

Management on Many Levels

Odoo’s expense management software allows your team to record their expenses daily, post comments for their manager and check the status of approval or denials. As a manager, you can follow expenses with your employees, approve or refuse entries, post an explanation and submit the approved expenses directly to the accounting department. Once received, the accounting department will check over the expense list, create an invoice and process the payment. 

Linked to Timesheet App

Billing per project is easy with Odoo! This module utilizes analytical accounting and is compatible with the invoice on the timesheet module. Automatically re-invoice your customers’ expenses.