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Human Resources

With Odoo’s Human Resource Management Module, all of your employee information from contracts, timesheets, payroll, attendance, etc is all kept safe in one place. Activate the app when you need it and get up to date info that is stored in the cloud. 

Easily Manage Your Employees

With Odoo, you have various options when it comes to overseeing all important information regarding your company address book. Keep Employee information private to only HR managers or set for public viewing so employees can find their colleagues. With easy customization, you can even set up alerts when employee contracts are up for renewal. 

Recruiting Perfected

Odoo makes the recruitment process easy and efficient. You’ll save time by automating some communications with email templates. Post job openings and track applications you’ve received using the smart Kanban view. Resumes are indexed automatically and with the ability to make your own settings, Odoo will file as you deem appropriate such as applicants who sent a resume and cover letter to be entered in the stage marked “Applied”. 

In-House Social Networking

Keep your team on the same page with Odoo’s own Social Network messaging center. Employees can interact with one another in real time using the live chat feature, and you can share knowledge and best practices with your employees. Whether you have a big office, multiple offices or employees who work from home, we make sure no one is left out of the loop.

Employee Attendance & Time Tracking

Track employee time by creating weekly or monthly timesheets. You can also monitor time spent by project, tasks or clients, and have analytic accounting automatically posted based on time spent to complete projects. 

Manage Employee Leave

Record and update the agenda of each employee, whether it’s a vacation, sick leave or personal time off. Employees enter their requested time off for the manager to approve. In just a few clicks you have record of time off so everyone is on the same page. 

Monitor Appraisals

Tracking the progress of your staff periodically is important and easy with Odoo. With simple set up, you can create appraisal plans and /or surveys for your employees so that you can monitor their growth. Determine interview processes and Odoo will automatically notify managers or counterparts to prepare appraisals.

Promote Competition to Obtain Goals

Your sales team thrives off of competition. With Odoo, you can design targets and define clear objectives that will provide real time feedback with accurate results. You can track and compare revenues with forecasts and budgets in real time, and assign clear goals and company objectives to your team. Promote leaders by showcasing the top performers and publicly recognizing their efforts. Inspire your team.