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E-Commerce with Apptuate

Unique E-Commerce Software

Optimize sales with our fully customizable, full-featured       
e-commerce software that allows you to build your web pages to fit the style of your business and lets your customers navigate easily toward a purchase.

Create a beautiful, user friendly online store and watch your business prosper!

Create Product Pages That Get Results

Creating and customizing pages has never been easier. With the help of Apptuate you can completely customize every page. This easy-to-use software allows you to build and edit beautiful product pages. Simply drag and drop boxes into the template, add banners, adjust the font… whatever it takes to make it perfect!

Increase Your Revenue with Simple Solutions.

The cross selling feature tracks what customers put in their cart and offer more products similar to the purchased products.

An upselling tool is also built into our software. This offers incentive for customers to buy similar but more expensive products. Easily edit products and launch promotions.

Invoice and Accounting at
Your Fingertips.

No need to painfully sync outside software. This application does everything you need and delivers all of your sales and inventory activity directly to your general ledger in Real Time.

Boost your online store's efficiency by controlling cash and sales in every step. The built in reporting system gives you more control and guidance to smarter decision making.

Manage Your Inventory

Manage all of your sales channels easily, in real time. Completely control your stock data and customize the interface controlling it. Keep track of your inventory whether you have inside sales or outside sales. It is all together in one place and continuously updated. 

Integration of Google Analytics

Track what is happing on your sites including shopping carts, call to actions, etc. Get a clear vision of your sales funnel and how the systems marketing tools are affecting your lead acquisition.

Integrated marketing tools that are linked directly to Google Analytics give you a complete view of your business.

Create a New Target Market

Translate your website into different languages effortlessly. The easy-to-use software will allow for easy customization with little previous knowledge.

A professional “on demand” translating service leaves little room for error when adding a new language, guaranteed.

Customize Your Catalog

Full control over the catalog is offered. From editing products to changing the way customers view the catalog. Add promotional ribbons, size and weight of each product, discounts, variants, etc.

Edit every aspect of your catalog so it evolves to its fullest potential.

Direct Customers to Your Website

Your products will be promoted effectively in Google with our SEO software. With no configuration or development required, the program is well structured to promote your products with little effort on your part. Working together with Google analytics, customers will have a better chance of being directed to your site.

Optimize Social Media

Easily control landing pages and send visitors where they want to go, while optimizing conversations along the way. The feature is customizable and lets you control where your customers go.

Control a Reseller Network

Manage a reseller network to increase revenue, broaden distribution, and target new markets. 

Forward leads to resellers and promote them online. Define pricelists and launch loyalty programs offering specific discounts to best customers and resellers.

Integrated vs Interfaced

Make your online store more powerful than before. A real inventory solution, powerful tax engine, flexible pricing, support, events, variants and options, etc.

No need to interface with any of your pre-existing software. Everything is integrated easily and pain free.

Clean Checkout

Convert customer interest into real time orders with our easy to use checkout system. With a minimal number of steps and visibly simplistic navigation, customers will buy happy and return often.

Everything from payment modes to delivery methods is customizable to fit your needs.