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CRM with Apptuate

Optimize Sales with CRM

Apptuate delivers an easy-to-use service with help from our experts. Our CRM module lets you track your sales pipeline, attract new leads and qualify them, manage emails effortlessly and boost overall sales productivity, all in a single application.

Let us integrate CRM to fit the needs of your business.

Improve Business Growth and Revenue

Manage leads, work flow and customer information effortlessly in Kanban view. This visual management makes tasks easy to continually improve your communication and collaboration. With our service, take each lead to the next step and follow the flow of work by integrating them directly into the interface, making sure no lead or task gets left behind.

Expand your company exponentially.

Multiple View Styles For Your Comfort

Customization Makes it Easy

Complete customization is a must and will put you in full control so you can track customers and opportunities in a way that fits your sales style.

Create a template that works the way you work. 

Social Network Compatibility

Social Features Built-In

Put Social Networking “to work” for you!

Use popular Social Sites such as Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook to find prospects easily. Contact data can be synced right into your database. Just one more way to reach your audience.

Social Networking brings potential customers right to you.

Manage Leads Like Never Before

Leads have never been easier to manage. Contacts are imported from multiple sources directly into your database and analyzed in multiple ways. Lead analysis is efficient and can be mastered easily.

You qualify the leads, we do the rest.

Well Organized Custom Interface

Organization is key and with a customizable interface you can customize to fit your needs. Manage leads, opportunities, emails, phone calls, notes, meetings, and more.

Keep the information you need at your fingertips. 

Email Compatibility

Stay productive by using email services that you know and integrate them effectively. Complete email compatibility means that you can continue to use the email services you already use every day.

Automatically route, sort and filter emails as they come in- directing them immediately to where they need to go. Your sales staff is notified automatically and no lead goes unnoticed.

Maximize your opportunities and let us do the work. 

Revolutionary Agenda

The integrated calendar allows you to view upcoming events for you and your colleagues. Timelines can be created and productivity can be increased.

As a manager view what your team is working on and modify the agenda accordingly.

Automate Leads and Marketing Campaigns

Optimize marketing campaigns every step of the way and display the impact of your marketing decisions.

Create new leads, Customize follow ups to draw in new leads and define automated actions multiple ways; through email, phone call, etc.

Drive performance by automating tasks in a way that works for you.

Dashboards and Reports

Gain valuable insights to help run your business. Custom dashboards allow more control and flexibility.  Stay up to date with the latest information all in real time by utilizing reports and flowcharts that anyone can create and share.

Easily access the right information when you need it.