Apptuate Consulting

Business Process Consulting:

Our clients hugely benefit from our deep understanding of business processes relevant technologies. Our team places a high value on effective collaboration with our clients to deliver an amazing experience and product.

We sign up for every project with the goal of upgrading our customers to a new level of a competitive business environment.

We have implemented many complex business solutions over the years. For this reason, we have accumulated tremendous experience in a wide range of industries.

Most importantly:

  • We seek to improve your business processes, NOT change them.
  • We make the system work with your business processes.
  • Where you know your precess is weak or missing, we leverage our vast experience to help implement best of breed business practices.

Our experienced consultants will manage the project and engage your company in the change management with a sense of ownership and partnership. It is worth noting that we complete our projects in less time and lower cost than industry standards.

Our Proven Approach

All businesses and their processes are unique. Our experienced business analysts take a proactive approach to understand your business needs and your end users’ processes before making a proposal.

What makes us different?

  • We carefully examine your business requirements
  • We systematically plan the implementation project to ensure timely delivery
  • We generously allocate our professional implementation professionals
  • We employ an agile implementation methodology to ensure “same page” status
  • We offer thorough live on-site training to your end-users for best possible results
  • We partner with your company for the long term. We stand by you even after project completion
  • We offer competitive local support – phone, email, Skype, chat, live person on-site, etc
  • We play an important role in helping your organization’s change management

Our team consists of various pieces that come together to form one large efficient piece. This piece of the puzzle will help your company improve in multiple ways using the knowledge that comes with choosing Apptuate. We take pride in helping our customers arrive at the end of the puzzle with our deep understanding of the business process.

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