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Evaluate to Motivate

With Odoo’s Appraisal app, both you and your employees will benefit from periodical evaluations of their performance. For small to large businesses, anyone can benefit from our Appraisal app to keep your teams on their toes!

Appraisals That Work For You

With Odoo’s Appraisal app, you don’t have to use a pre-made forms. While we do offer pre-made examples to choose from, you can also create your own template that will get the answers you are looking for. Manage multiple versions of evaluations such as: bottom-up, top-down, self-evaluations and evaluations by the manager. They can also be created by an employee for their subordinates, juniors as well as their managers. 

Appraisals Tailored for You

With Odoo’s form editor in our Appraisal app, you can quickly edit and create your own surveys. Add questions, edit pages and design an effective survey to get the answers you need. Create reusable templates to suit your company’s needs. 

Try It Out

Don’t send out your newly designed survey before testing it out! Odoo’s system allows you to test your surveys before sending them out to colleagues, or other employees. Ask your co-manager or supervisor to review it and give you feedback so you can make any needed adjustments before finalizing your draft. 

Create Evaluation Procedures

The evaluation is done according to a plan in which various surveys can be created. Each survey can be answered by a particular department/level in the employees' hierarchy. The final review and evaluation is done by the manager.

An evaluation plan can be assigned to each employee. These plans define the frequency and the way you manage your periodic personal evaluations. You will be able to determine steps and attach interview forms to each step.

Right on Time

With Odoo’s Appraisal app, you can set interview requests to be automatically sent out to each user through emails and request to perform a periodical assessment of their collegues at pre-set intervals. 

You can monitor the status of the assessment, whether it has been answered or is still in waiting. 

The calendar view allows you to track the planned evaluations and send reminders to respondents.

Completed evaluations can be viewed as a PDF or be printed.